POLYmer based electro-optic PCB motherboard integration with Si3N4 Chiplets, InP Components and Electronic ICs enabling affordable photonic modules for THz Sensing and quantum computing applications


POLYNICES is a research and innovation action that aims to provide a general-purpose photonic integration platform with all the cost, performance, scalability and manufacturability credentials for the next generation photonic modules. POLYNICES will develop a disruptive set of integration and packaging technologies that will allow low-cost photonic system in packages for a range of applications including wide band THz spectroscopy and quantum information processing. 


The partners have been brought together due to their expertise and expected contributions to individual technical aspects of POLYNICES project. Their expertise and technical infrastructure are absolutely necessary for achieving POLYNICES objectives.

8 partners

4 countries

2 academic organizations

1 research institute

2 large companies

3 SMEs

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